The Drone Identity

This EngageKTN project is investigating forensic-readiness requirements of unmanned aerial systems, to help identify causes of safety and security related air traffic incidents.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones) are increasingly creating challenges for managing the safety of aircraft that share the airspace with them. The collection and use of forensic data associated with drones and surrounding physical contexts is key to effective incident investigations. The research is focusing on the architecture and concept of operations for European unmanned traffic management, and the ability to preserve such vital information as evidence for forensic investigations.

DroneBox: Automated Adaptive Collection of UAV Flight Data

Exciting News!

EngageKTN Round 2.
In recognition of the successful collaboration and engagement with NATS (between 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020), we have been awarded another project titled "Safe drone flight - assuring telemetry data integrity in U-Space scenarios", which was kickstarted on 1 July 2020. In this round, NATS will be leading on the exploration and exploitation of the technical feasibility of various research ideas and research concepts from the papers listed below, and beyond.
Article of the Week.
This week also saw the LiveBox architecture we proposed in the project recognised as "article of the week", according to the IEEE Access journal. In the article, we articulated a conceptual architecture to implement forensic-ready drone data. The architecture has been evaluated technically during the project by Danny Barthaud and will form a basis for the next phase of safety in drone flights research!



The Open University

Dr. Yijun Yu [contact]
Mr. Danny Barthaud [contact]
Prof. Bashar Nuseibeh
Prof. Blaine Price
Prof. Andrea Zisman
Prof. Arosha Bandara


Dr. Anthony P. Rushton
Dr. David L. Bush
Dr. Jacob Blamey
Dr. Gavin Moir
Dr. George S. Koudis